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what do we do?

We provide legal services in the areas of civil, commercial, criminal, administrative law and taxes.

„Law & Tax“

We specialize in compliance, consumer protection, GDPR, crypto regulation, damages actions, specific non-pecuniary damage enforcement, personality protection, as well as ordinary civil, commercial and criminal matters.

we care for our clients

Client trust and the absolute reliability of a lawyer is our priority. We will offer you an individual approach, precision and full support in solving the challenges that accompany your life. In addition to a professional approach, we can also advise you on choosing the best solutions that we know from our practice.

„Follow your goals. Leave the problems to us.“

We are not just an ordinary law firm, but above all a partner in your personal and professional life.

legal consultation

You can request a free legal consultation of your situation right here:

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In the „articles“ section, we offer you a lot of useful information in the field of law and its implementation in practical life.

We focus mainly on specific information that can bring you unique knowledge and better orientation beyond the „normal legal horizons“.

our approach and values

"A good lawyer should be able to select information and name what he wants to say and enforce it for the client."
Neither your opponent nor the court will give you time or space to hesitate. Now choose the quality that matches the value of your goal.



leading areas we focus on


Crypto has been included in the regulation of payment services. However, it has also become a notion in the field of protection against "money laundering" (AML) and other areas that you should be familiar with.


We deal with areas such as damages, non-pecuniary damage, damage to health, causing death, protection of personality, settlement of BSM and co-ownership, lawsuits against the state, administrative justice, ordinary civil and commercial matters, etc.


A consumer is any ordinary person who buys goods and services from a trader. High fines and the fact that the supervision of consumer laws is performed by 8 regional SOI inspectorates are the motivation for your business to comply with the law.


Are you developing an application? You are familiar with terms such as "GTC", "Privacy Policy", "SLA" or "License". Pay close attention to the legal documents related to the use of the application. This will prevent fines, but also ensure the protection of your know-how.


We represent the interests of our clients as witnesses, suspects, as well as accused and defendants. We also represent the injured and their claims to secure the accused's property and recover the damage.


The management of finances is accompanied by permits, certifications and the state's top interest in overseeing your business. Do you have high ambitions? We are ready to transfer you with demanding legal obligations.


Regulation of personal data protection has been unified at EU level. However, the interpretation and application of the rules in practice is undergoing dramatic development. It is no longer enough to know the law. We will advise you on putting the rules into practice and protection against fines.


Proving the culprit, the causal nexus and the correct quantification of the damage are only an introduction to the extensive process of recovering the damage. Precise attention must therefore be paid to the process of recovering damages.

personality rights

False statements, humiliation, bullying in the workplace or attempts to discredit are the most common violations of personal rights. In addition to financial satisfaction, the law also grants you many other retaliatory interventions.

Anti money laundering

Obligations regarding protection against money laundering may also apply to you, although you may not be aware of this. We will help you avoid fines and NAKA intervention due to non-compliance with legal obligations.


The right approach to fulfilling your tax obligations will create the preconditions for compliance with the law and saving your finances. We can find the right path in a number of complicated financial and tax laws.


Contact with the child, alternating care, maintenance or settlement of joint property are the most common requirements of clients, which accompanies the dissolution of the marriage. Prudent action by a lawyer is a prerequisite for success in these matters.



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